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Introducing MH Legal

Our practice specialises exclusively in mental health and incapacity law. Margaret Houdmont, Pam White and Gail Guest are members of the Law Society's Mental Health Tribunal Panel. They each have over 25 years experience in providing advice on and representation in all aspects of mental health law.

Jill Hawkins is a member of the Mental Health Tribunal Panel and has represented in mental health law since 2009 in addition to her criminal courts experience.

Dale Brownless is a member of the Mental Health Tribunal panel and has six years of experience in mental health law in addition to his criminal courts experience.

Laura Taylor is a solicitor and a member of the Law Society Mental Health Tribunal Panel and has 4 years of experience in mental health law.

Covering the East Midlands, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Humberside, we offer a confidential and personal service advising:

  • patients, families or carers about their rights
  • patients detained by the Criminal Courts
  • patents detained in secure and rehabilitation units
  • patients on civil sections (assessment/treatment)
  • patients who are prison transfer en-route to discharge
  • discharge and the application of S 117 rights

We always take a wider view of our client's personal situation and where other specialist advice is needed, for example family law or crime, we will refer him/her to a law firm we trust and that can advise on these specific areas of the law.

MH Legal is contracted with the Legal Aid Agency.