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Also at Leeds Office: 1200 Century Way,

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Client Services

Through our experience, we understand the impact mental health difficulties and learning disabilities can have on the everyday lives of our clients and their families. Through our expertise, we will apply the full benefits of the law to protect their rights and improve their quality of life.

We offer advice and representation in relation to:

  • Mental Health Tribunals
  • Hospital Managers' hearings
  • issues resulting from detention in hospital
  • dealing with complaints to hospital authorities
  • transfer between levels of security
  • prison transfers to hospital
  • duties under S117 of the Mental Health Act in relation to discharge
  • Community Treatment Orders, dealing with referrals and applications to Tribunals
  • forensic and civil sections of the Mental Health Act
  • advice and representation in connection with eating disorders
  • advice and submission of Lasting Power of Attorneys to the Court of Protection

Whatever mental health problems you have, you can benefit from our professional and independent advice. We can help people already in hospital and people in the community who are not receiving the services to which they are entitled. We can also help families and carers who need information, advice or representation in relation to mental health.